About the Conference

Innovations in the area of food and biotechnology are driving the world for a changed scenario to offer safe and cost-effective healthy food products wherein low energy expenditure for handling and processing, and reduction in environmental impacts are the integral components. Meeting the need of the nutritional requirements and increasing the per capita income of people in concert with sustainable agriculture practices are the necessities of the hour - the application of technological innovations is the possible solution. Thus, the areas of importance are reducing the food losses, value addition to natural resources and agricultural produces, and developing healthy products in the pragmatic manner. It is, thus, obvious that the existing preservation and processing technologies need to be improved in addition to the introduction of advanced technologies to meet the consumer requirements and expectations derived from linking food quality and health benefits. People in the areas of food and biotechnological sciences, nutritional sciences and technological aspects are thus expected to contribute to address the issues of the society and country. Thus, a three-day International Conference entitled “Technological Innovations for Integration of Food and Health (TiiFH 2019): A focus on North-Eastern India” is planned to be held between February 14 and 16, 2019 at the Tezpur University with the following objectives:

  • To discuss the possible improvements in the existing post-harvest management practices and process technologies
  • To identify advanced technologies that have the potential for application in the near future, and
  • To develop the innovative strategies and solutions for sustainable food processing and nutritional security.

An additional objective will be to arrive at a framework for working towards food and nutritional security and sustainability of food systems with globally acceptable perspectives for resolving the North East India specific issues, particularly in view of the flagship agenda like Act-East policy which considers the NE region as the door to the South East Asia.

Major components of the International conference are:

  • Lectures by reputed speakers from India and abroad on the theme.
  • Presentations by young researchers including a special session on concept presentations.
  • A panel discussion on works for technological solutions to the issues of food, health, and food based enterprises with a focus on the North-East India.
  • An exhibition on food and biotechnological products, enterprises and related industries.